Protruding Teeth: Causes & Advice Treatment In Bassendean

Protruding teeth are a prevalent issue in dentistry, impacting tooth form and function while also generating pain and poor self-esteem in patients. Several effective remedies exist for protruding teeth, so if you have this issue you shouldn’t worry too much.

The key to a beautiful and self-assured smile is knowing the origins, symptoms, and options for correcting protruding teeth.

What Is Protruding Teeth?

What Is Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth are sometimes known as buck teeth or overbite teeth or protruding canines. When the upper or lower front teeth (or both) stick out farther than normal in relation to the opposite jaw, this is known as protruding teeth.

These 2 front teeth are particularly noticeable when viewed from above. This can lead to a misalignment of the jaws, which can make a person’s face appear longer and thinner. Misalignment of the upper and lower jaws can result from protruding teeth, which can make it difficult to properly bite down or chew food.

Protruding Teeth Causes

Protruding Teeth Causes

Having protruding upper front teeth, protruding front teeth or bottom teeth protruding can be caused by various factors, such as


When the front teeth stick out further than they should, it’s called protruding teeth, and it’s typically a genetic trait. This occurs because the upper jaw is abnormally small or the teeth are improperly aligned, making the upper teeth appear more forward than the lower ones. Throughout adolescence, when the jaws and teeth are still maturing, the problem typically first becomes noticeable.

Accident or Injury

It is possible to dislodge teeth from their usual position as a result of accidents or trauma, such as being hit hard on the teeth or the face. This is another potential reason for a crowded mouth, but it is much less prevalent than genetic factors. In the event of an accident or injury, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible for an examination and possible treatment to keep the tooth in its natural position and prevent it from shifting or projecting.

Bad Habit

Bad Habit

Extruded teeth can also be the result of bad behaviors like habitually sucking on buttons or hands or chewing gum or biting on pencils or spanners. These routines exert force on the jaw and teeth, shifting the position of the upper front teeth relative to the lower ones. With time, if these behaviors aren’t changed, the teeth will shift and protrude further than they should. To avoid tooth movement and projecting teeth, it is crucial to break unhealthy behaviors and get treatment as soon as possible.

The Molars Are Underdeveloped

Another cause of protruding teeth is that the molars are not fully developed. This can happen to children when the upper or lower jaw is not fully developed, resulting in not enough space for the teeth to grow in the correct position. As the teeth grow, they look for a comfortable position to move, leading to protruding teeth and protruding teeth.

In addition, some diseases, such as erectile dysfunction or urethral stones, can also cause protruding teeth by affecting the development of the jawbone and teeth. Early diagnosis and treatment of these diseases is also a method of preventing protruding teeth.

Protruding Teeth Problems

Protruding Teeth Problems

One of the most uncomfortable and humiliating aspects of smiling is when one’s upper teeth stick out too much, making one’s grin look less attractive than it otherwise would. Furthermore, this can lead to a wide variety of additional unpleasant oral problems.

Let Bassendean dentist explain protruding teeth problems and why they need immediate treatment:

Chewing And Eating Problems

Protruding teeth can make chewing and eating difficult and uncomfortable. When your upper tooth protrudes too much, it can press on the lower teeth, causing discomfort and pain when chewing food. In addition, eating foods such as caramel, gum or candy can also become more difficult, because the protruding tooth makes chewing affected and reduced efficiency.

This is not only annoying while eating, but also affects your health if you cannot digest food adequately. Therefore, if you have symptoms related to protruding teeth, consider getting treatment so that you can eat comfortably and ensure your health.

Difficulty Speaking

Having teeth that stick out might make it hard to chew food and speak clearly. If your upper teeth protrude too far, it may change the way you speak because of the way your tongue and mouth are positioned.

The result might be a loss of self-assurance in social and professional settings where first impressions matter, such as job interviews, presentations, and meetings with clients and investors. Those who experience difficulties speaking and eating because of protruding teeth should get treatment as soon as possible.

Risk Of Tooth Damage

It’s more likely that you’ll hurt your teeth if your teeth protrude. Too much protrusion of the upper teeth can lead to the lower teeth being pinched or impacted hard in the event of an accident, impact, or trauma. This can cause problems like broken, cracked, or hurt teeth that hurt and make you feel bad. Without proper care, dental trauma can lead to:

As a result, it is important to get treatment if you have any symptoms associated with protruding teeth in order to safeguard your health and limit the likelihood of tooth harm.

Affects Aesthetics

Protruding teeth not only cause health problems but also affect your aesthetics. Some people may feel self-conscious and afraid to laugh, talk, or converse with others, severely affecting their lives. The front teeth protrude too much, making the face look misaligned, disproportionate, and unsightly, affecting your confidence and confidence in daily life.

Therefore, the repair and treatment of protruding teeth not only improves your oral health but also enhances your aesthetics, giving you a brighter and more confident smile.

How to Fix Protruding Canine Teeth?

As dentists, we know that having a tooth that sticks out may be very embarrassing and painful. No need to panic, however; this is fixable. To assist you to tackle this difficulty, we’ll give some facts and solutions:

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics treatment is commonly used to correct minor cases of crowded teeth.

Invisalign is one of the most well-liked and productive of these alternatives. By moving the teeth into proper alignment using the dental joints, this procedure can enhance facial aesthetics while also reducing oral health issues.Veneers fix protruding teeth and are another option for hiding imperfections in the teeth’s appearance, such as overly prominent teeth.

A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded to the front of a tooth to improve its appearance (both in terms of shape and color).

Yet, the amount of protruding teeth and other criteria like age, oral health, budget, and comfort play a role in deciding which treatment is suitable for your case. patients receiving various kinds of care. Consequently, patients should seek the counsel of a professional dentist to choose the best treatment option for their needs.

Tooth Wear

Many people who have slightly protruding teeth resort to teeth grinding as a cure. Dentists will use specialized equipment to remove enamel from the tooth’s front surfaces during this procedure, reducing the teeth’s protrusion relative to surrounding teeth.

However, this approach has the potential drawback of speeding up the enamel’s natural wear and resulting in a more uneven smile. Tooth abrasion is also not the ideal option if the teeth already protrude too much.

Dental Surgery

Surgery is one of the most serious protruding teeth treatments. This method is used when other treatments are not effective. Maxillofacial surgery can include a variety of techniques such as the removal of excess bone, and temporary surgery to change the structure of the maxillofacial teeth and create space for tooth alignment.

Surgery to fix projecting teeth is a viable option, but it’s expensive and carries some risk. The treatment needs to be carried out in a pristine operating room by a board-certified maxillofacial surgeon. People should discuss their surgical options with doctors to be sure that it is the best course of action for their situation before opting to go under the knife.

However, the severity and root cause of protruding teeth dictate the treatment option that is ultimately chosen. Thus, you need to see a dentist to determine the best course of action.

Advice On Treating Protruding Teeth

Advice On Treating Protruding Teeth

As a dentist at the Spring Orchid clinic in Bassendean, we deal with tooth protruding issues on a regular basis and offer a number of solutions to our patients.

  • For mild to moderate cases, we often recommend that patients use an orthodontic system like Invisalign to reduce the chance of tooth wear and improve the look of their faces. In the case of adult patients, this is especially crucial so that they can avoid ruining their appearance with unsightly hooks.
  • Nonetheless, the dentist at the Spring Orchid clinic may advise orthodontic surgery for more serious situations. In order to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of chewing, it may be necessary to realign teeth or remove the extra bone.
  • Also, if a patient only wants to improve the look of his or her teeth without having surgery or wearing braces, we will suggest veneers, bridges, or teeth whitening to make the teeth look better.

But, the severity of protruding teeth and the preferences of the patient are key considerations when determining the most appropriate treatment option. So that they can receive personalized advice, we recommend that patients visit the clinic in person.

Maintaining Outcomes After Protruding Teeth

Maintaining Outcomes After Protruding Teeth

Once protruding teeth have been successfully treated, it is essential that the results be preserved and the underlying problem not recur. We believe the following methods and items can help you succeed in the long run.

  • Use dental spacers: Spacers help protect teeth and prevent collisions between teeth, keeping the newly aligned tooth in its correct position.
  • Use mouthguards: Wearing a mouthguard to bed can preserve your teeth and prevent your freshly aligned teeth from shifting around too much as you sleep.
  • Adjust your diet: Avoid hard, sticky foods like gum, hard candy, popcorn, cookies, etc. to avoid damage to the teeth.
  • Take care of proper oral hygiene: This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, using mouthwash, and using dental floss to clean between your teeth. Proper oral hygiene care helps prevent dental disease and keep teeth healthy.

After having your teeth brought forward, you may assist preserve your results with these techniques and tools. It’s important to remember that each patient is different, therefore it’s ideal to talk to your dentist about how to manage protruding teeth.

Where to Get Protruding Teeth Treatment In Bassendean?

Get Protruding Teeth Treatment In Bassendean

If you are having a headache because of your protruding teeth, come to Spring Orchid dental clinic at 6/85 Walter Rd E Bassendean WA 6054, which provides prestigious cosmetic dental services. With a team of professionally trained dentists and proud members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Australian Health Practice Regulation Authority (AHPRA), we will help you with all your concerns:

  • We have state-of-the-art treatment, sterilization, and OPG facilities meticulously designed and built to Australian Standards for patient comfort and convenience. We are committed to using the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure that your treatment is carried out in the safest and most effective way.
  • If you’re eligible for DVA dental services, you can get them at a discount. Spring Orchid Dentists are DVA-registered and provide quality dental care at little or no cost. We will work hard to treat any dental issue swiftly and to your satisfaction.


What Age Should Protruding Teeth Be Treated?

Protruding teeth treatment can be done at any age, however, the ideal age to start treatment is when children have had enough baby teeth and are starting to erupt permanent teeth, which usually happens. from 7 to 12 years old. 

Early detection and treatment of protruding teeth will help prevent serious problems such as difficulty speaking, eating, and breathing, improve appearance, and promote oral health. However, adults can also treat protruding teeth if they want to improve the appearance and function of their teeth. If you have any questions about the treatment of protruding teeth, consult your dentist for specific advice and choose the right treatment method.

Can Pregnant Women Treat Protruding Teeth?

Protruding teeth therapy is safe to conduct during pregnancy. Nonetheless, in order to guarantee the well-being of mother and child, it is wise to consult with a dentist and an obstetrician.

Several treatments for managing projecting teeth, such as wearing braces, masks, or orthopedic spacers, have no effect on fetal development. But, X-rays and anesthetics aren’t without their risks, so your doctor will advise you on the most secure course of action.

In addition, oral hygiene is crucial for expectant mothers. Both the mother and the unborn child can benefit from a balanced diet, which includes limiting sugar intake, to lower the likelihood of developing dental disease.

How to Treat Protruding Teeth At Home?

Home remedies for protruding teeth can be effective in some situations of the disease. Nevertheless, at-home remedies are typically only helpful for mild to moderate cases of protrusion.

Using lip pads while sleeping is a traditional method of correcting protruding teeth at home. Lip pads alleviate the strain and friction that might cause the top and lower teeth to protrude.

Also, it may be recommended to perform specialized exercises to strengthen the muscles and bones in and around the mouth and teeth. To maximize their benefits and minimize the risk of injury, however, these exercises should be performed under the watchful eye of a dentist.

See your dentist before attempting any at-home treatments for protrusion. Home remedies may not be enough to correct a significant protrusion, so it’s best to see a dentist.

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