Amalgam Replacement

Amalgam Replacement: Is it necessary? Is it dangerous? Here are the main points you must know before removing your amalgams. Please contact us if you’d like a more specific response to your issue.

About Amalgam

Amalgam has been the cheapest and durable filling material over the years. Some research has shown that the amount of mercury you are exposed to from your fillings is less than the amount that most people are exposed to in their daily environment or in the food they eat so there is no reason to believe that removing amalgam is necessary for the good of your health and amalgam allergies are very rare.

In fact, an amalgam filling has a life expectancy of approximately 5.5 to 11.5 years. It is not recommended that we remove and replace amalgam fillings too soon. A filling that is more than ten years old, on the other hand, usually needs to be changed due to leakage around the borders, significant corrosion, and underlying degradation. 

Amalgam replacement is a dental treatment procedure that removes old metal fillings and replaces them with newer, stronger, tooth-coloured fillings.

About Amalgam replacement

Reasons For Replacing Amalgams

This replacement should be done when the fillings are worn or broken. Another reason to replace amalgam is to achieve preferable aesthetics – many people do not like the appearance of amalgam fillings.

Newer tooth-colored fillings will help rebuild and strengthen your teeth, restoring the natural appearance and sparkle of your smile.

Reasons For Replacing Amalgams​

Dental Filling Sizes And Materials

The choice of what materials to use really depends on the size of the existing filling.

Small To Medium Fillings

Small to medium amalgams can often be replaced with a simple composite filling. Composite filling is a white resin filling material.

Large Fillings

Larger amalgams, or those that are under a lot of load (for example, on back molar teeth) will usually require what is known as a “ceramic inlay” or “porcelain filling”.

Examples of Dental ceramic uses include porcelain fillings/inlays and crowns.  

Dental ceramic is aesthetically appealing and virtually Invisible and blend seamlessly with the natural tooth colour


However tooth colored fillings do need maintenance over time and good oral hygiene habits for longetivity.

Amalgam Replacement Procedure

Mercury-free dentists do not utilize any mercury-containing dental filling materials. Furthermore, they are experts in the most secure procedures of removing fillings. To safeguard patients during amalgam filling removal, the following steps are frequently taken:

  1. In the treatment room, fresh air is circulated.
  2. Patient drapes to avoid skin-to-skin contact using a water spray and a saliva ejector.
  3. Remove the filling in big chunks.
  4. Patient using activated charcoal to rinse.

These methods are intended to keep patients from coming into touch with the mercury in their fillings, either through inhalation or by skin contact. Any residual mercury is eliminated by providing the patient rinse with activated charcoal or a material comparable to it.

Replacing Amalgams At Spring Orchid Dental

When you wish to replace your amalgams, Spring Orchid Dental can assist with the removal of old worn out, and cracked Amalgam/Silver Fillings and offer choices with composite tooth-coloured fillings and other options to suit your need.

You can unwind in our clinic’s expert hands. Amalgam fillings can be securely removed and replaced by our highly skilled dentists, protecting your health and restoring your attractive smile.


You may observe corroding around the borders of an old amalgam filling. A silver metal filling typically lasts 12 years, although some need to be changed in as short as five years. The filling may become weakened by teeth grinding, forceful biting, and other factors, leading to leakage, cracking, or fallout.

Amalgam is the most affordable dental filling material and has a normal lifespan of 10 years. Amalgam fillings are often quite reasonable in terms of cost. To know more, please contact us.

If you notice severe variations in oral temperature, wetness in your mouth, or recurring deterioration, your dental amalgam fillings could be leaking. You need let your dentist know as soon as possible.

  • Maintain a high-protein diet.
  • Consume plenty of fresh veggies.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Take pure unprocessed oils such as flax oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil.
  • Consider eating healthy, natural fats such as seeds, nuts, avocado, and free range chicken and eggs.

Nearly half of all silver amalgam fillings include mercury. While the level of mercury in amalgams used in dental fillings throughout Australia is generally quite safe, mercury as an element is extremely poisonous. In reality, there is no such thing as a safe level of mercury exposure. The fact is that your old silver amalgam fillings might be making you unwell.