General Dentistry

All the general dentistry information you need to know, including its benefits, costs, and services, may be found on this site.  Do you generally downplay oral health issues? You might not even be aware of the potential harm to your health that will result from that.

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General Dentistry Services

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry covers many different treatments to help keep your mouth healthy. It aims to stop problems like tooth decay or gum disease before they start. Your dentist will look at your teeth, gums, and tongue and may suggest different treatments to keep them in good shape.

Mostly, general dentistry focuses on stopping problems before they get bad. But if you already have issues like tooth decay or gum disease, general dentists can fix these problems too. They use techniques that repair or replace damaged teeth, gums, and other areas of your mouth.

While most general dentists focus on preventing and fixing problems, many also learn extra skills to make your smile look better. They might offer services like teeth whitening or veneers to make you more confident about how you look.

General Dentistry Categories

Many general dentists combine routine dental care with specialty services including oral surgery, restorative care, and basic dental care procedures. The essential dental care provided by a general dentist includes the following:


Why Regular Dental Visits Are Good For You?

Going to the dentist often is really important. Let’s think about a regular person who sees the dentist two times a year. They get their teeth cleaned and checked. Sometimes they might need extra work like a filling or treatment for sore gums. They sort it out quickly, so they feel good and can keep brushing and flossing without any pain.

What good things come out of this?

First, they don’t have to worry about big problems like mouth cancer or really bad gum disease. This also helps them save money because fixing a small problem is cheaper than waiting for it to become a big one.

Also, their teeth look better. A regular clean makes teeth bright and healthy. So if you want your smile to look its best, seeing the dentist can help a lot. In time, you’ll be really happy with how you look when you see yourself in the mirror each morning.

Who Is A Good Candidate For General Dentistry?

Actually, general dentistry is appropriate for everyone, including people who have lost all of their teeth. There should be adequate bone to support and secure the implants as well. Oral health is incredibly essential, and it should not be overlooked.

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3 Consequences of skipping General Dentistry

Maintaining a consistent schedule of dental visits is paramount for ensuring oral health and well-being. A biannual visit to your dental care provider substantially minimizes the risk of developing oral health complications. However, a concerning trend exists: many people either defer their dental appointments or bypass them altogether, often not even making a single visit annually.

Here are some of the most serious dental emergency consequences of poor oral hygiene on your body:

  • Cardiovascular And Stroke Risk

Individuals with any form of periodontal disease are at twice the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments, including arterial narrowing and heart disease. These conditions are exacerbated by bacterial plaque that gains entry into the systemic circulation through inflamed gums. This bacterial invasion can lead to arterial obstruction, amplifying the risk of experiencing a severe cardiac event. Additionally, such obstructions can compromise the blood supply to the brain, elevating the probability of suffering a stroke.

  • Possibility Of Developing Dementia

Poor dental care can result in tooth loss, which has been correlated with cognitive decline and potential progression to dementia. Inflammation-driven substances produced in such cases have the capability to induce neuronal damage, thereby affecting brain function.

  • Respiratory Disorders

Lung diseases, also known as respiratory disorders, include tuberculosis, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Lung illness, if left untreated, can lead to health issues, unpleasant symptoms, and even death.

Bacteria can enter your bloodstream and move into your lungs if you have periodontal disease, which can directly affect your respiratory system.

General Dentistry In Bassendean, Perth WA

As shared by dentist Ylan Pham:

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is not merely a matter of dental well-being; it’s intrinsically linked to your overall systemic health. Regrettably, a large number of individuals seek dental assistance only when confronted with severe oral issues. While it’s tempting to resort to self-treatment options found online, it’s imperative to consult authoritative and accredited sources for dental advice.

It’s important to recognize that, although symptoms may appear similar across different individuals, each dental case is distinct. Self-diagnosis may not only be imprecise but also potentially detrimental. Delay in professional intervention can not only compromise the longevity of your natural teeth but may also have adverse psychological implications should the condition escalate.

For maintaining a robust oral health regimen, it’s advised to brush and floss twice daily and to schedule dental check-ups every six months with our Bassendean dentist. If you experience any anomalous symptoms, consult your dental healthcare provider or a reliable source within the dental community without delay.


Family dentists give dental care to people of all ages, from toddlers to elderly. Although they may accept high school students as well, general dentists frequently focus on adults and young adults.

For individuals who practice good oral hygiene, a routine dental cleaning can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the dentist’s efficiency and ability.

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