Dental Treatment Plan

Your dental Treatment Plan

Designing your personalized treatment plan

After the oral examination,, any treatment recommendations will be discussed, and rationale given to support these. if particular treatment is required or requested, we’ll prepare a clear treatment plan, and take the time to fully explain all of the available options, how they may differ and everything that you should know about these options

We’ll also provide item numbers and explain the price of the proposed intervention, making it clear from the outset how much any dentistry treatments are likely to cost, so there are no surprises later on.

All of our treatment plans are tailored to each individual patient’s circumstances, so you’ll always receive exactly what you need when you visit our practice. Whether it’s a basic filling, or a full smile makeover, we’ll talk you through each part of the process, so you’ll be fully informed when it comes to making decisions about your care for the best possible outcomes.

All of this will help patients to make an informed decision about their dental care plan, and direct us in our delivery of service. If the treatment plan changes at any stage, the fees will be adjusted accordingly, and the patient informed, so there’s complete transparency all the way.

Treatment plans that work for you

Health rebates for dentistry treatments

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