Dental Care For Seniors

Geriatric – Dental Care For Seniors is a vital part of staying healthy as you get older. As oral health may be a mirror of the general health of numerous systems in your body, having good teeth is essential to aging properly.

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Dental Care For Seniors

Common Dental Issues Among Seniors

As we age, our body and oral health change. Over-65s have the most dental issues. They can harm patients if untreated.

The most prevalent causes of tooth decay and cavities in senior adults include gum recession, dry mouth, and an unhealthy diet. In particular, receding gums may contribute to this dental problem. In addition, gum disease and periodontitis, which can cause tooth loss and bone degeneration, are other common dental issues that seniors often face.

Moreover, drugs and medical disorders can cause dry mouth, another prevalent dental issue in elderly adults. This condition can cause tooth decay and periodontal disease, leading to serious oral health complications.

Furthermore, oral cancer, common in people over 60, might be indicated by persistent mouth sores, lumps, or reddish-white patches. Seniors often lose teeth, which can create difficulties while eating and speaking.

Early Signs Of Tooth Loss In Older Adults

Gum Recession

Receding gums, where the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth, can expose the tooth roots and increase the risk of tooth loss. This condition is often accompanied by tooth sensitivity and can be caused by gum disease or aggressive brushing techniques.

Loose Teeth

When adult teeth become loose and start to move, it is a clear sign of potential tooth loss. Loose teeth can result from various factors, including advanced gum disease, trauma, or the weakening of the supporting bone structure.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Sudden or heightened tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and beverages can indicate tooth loss. It may be a result of enamel erosion, gum recession, or underlying dental problems that require attention.

Gum Infections and Abscesses

Infections in the gums or the formation of abscesses can be signs of underlying oral health issues that may lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Swollen, red, or painful gums should be evaluated by a dental professional.

Persistent Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a sign of gum disease or tooth decay. These conditions, if not addressed, can contribute to tooth loss over time.

Dental Treatment Options for Seniors

Seniors may need specialized dental care as they age. The following dental treatments are advised for seniors:

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to replace missing teeth, which is particularly beneficial for seniors who have lost teeth due to gum disease or bone loss. They offer a natural-looking and feeling option that is often preferred over dentures.


Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that can replace missing teeth. They come in different types, such as full or partial dentures, and can help seniors restore their ability to chew and speak properly, leading to an improved quality of life.

Dental Crowns

Crowns can strengthen and heal fractured or decaying teeth. Most dental restorations are crowns. Seniors with weak or damaged teeth like them because they last and seem natural.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy helps fix infected teeth. This entails removing the diseased pulp and filling the tooth. This treatment may benefit seniors with severe gum disease, dental decay, or cavities.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening can help older adults brighten their smiles and improve their teeth. There are many options, including in-office and home kits.

Check List Of Dental Hygiene For Seniors

Australian seniors can access financial assistance for dental care through various schemes. These programs aim to support low-income seniors.

The Dental Benefits Schedule (DBS) is a scheme that helps seniors pay for dental services. The DBS covers a range of dental services, including exams, fillings, and dentures. It is available to seniors with Medicare cards and other government subsidies.

In addition, the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card provides seniors with discounts on dental care and other healthcare services. This card is available to pension-age seniors who do not receive pensions and who meet income and asset restrictions.

Furthermore, many states and territories have oral health initiatives designed specifically for seniors. For example, the Victorian Seniors Card program in Victoria provides qualified seniors with savings on dental care and other services.

Finally, private health insurance with dental coverage can also assist seniors in paying for dental care. To choose a policy that suits their needs and budget, seniors should compare various options.

Financial Support for Dental Care for Australian Seniors​

Dental Care For Seniors In Bassendean, Perth WA

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Spring Orchid Dental provides specialist dental care for seniors and medically compromised people. Our dental specialists are trained to satisfy the unique oral health needs of seniors, especially those with chronic medical conditions.

2. Comprehensive Services

Spring Orchid Dental offers a wide range of dental services, from routine check-ups and cleanings to more complex procedures such as dental implants and root canal therapy. This means that seniors can receive all the necessary dental treatments in one place, saving time and reducing stress.

3. Improved Your Quality of Life

Dental care is a top concern for seniors as it can significantly impact their quality of life. By choosing Spring Orchid Dental, seniors can receive the necessary dental treatments to improve their oral health and overall well-being. This can lead to greater confidence, better mood, and easier daily life.

Choose Spring Orchid Dental for specialized care that meets the unique oral health needs of seniors and medically compromised individuals. By improving your oral health, you can improve your quality of life with greater confidence and ease in your daily activities. Book an appointment with us today.

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Teeth whitening may be done at any age, according to dentistry for elders. Products for teeth whitening remove embedded stains and brighten the surface. They provide simple, low-cost remedies to the issue of deteriorating, yellow teeth.

Our teeth’s porous outermost layer of enamel starts to deteriorate as we age. This permits the naturally yellow layer underlying it, known as dentin, to be more visible. The more dentin is visible through weaker enamel, giving your teeth a yellow colour.

In elderly people, dental implants are equally as effective and long-lasting. Dental implants frequently enhance the lives of older persons by improving their physical health and giving them greater confidence. Dental implants can be used at any age.

Oral health treatment for pensioners is reasonably priced. This is a practical and sentimental gift if you take your senior loved ones to get their teeth checked.

  • Brush, floss, and use mouthwash as directed by your dentist to maintain dental hygiene.
  • Investigate special toothbrushes for cleaning difficult-to-reach parts of the mouth.
  • Understand the warning indications that your mouth, teeth, or gums are in danger, such as dental sensitivity, grinding, discomfort, mouth sores, bumps, swelling, loose teeth, jaw cracking or clicking, and difficulties satisfying thirst, swallowing, or eating (dry mouth syndrome).
  • Regular dental checks should be scheduled with your dentist as often as he or she suggests.
  • Dentures and dental bridges should be carefully maintained.
  • Before and after any procedure, consult your dentist.
  • Inform your dentist about any drugs you are taking or any prescription changes.