Highest Dental Safety Standard

Our dental infection control


At Spring Orchid Dental we uphold rigorous standards when it comes to maintaining a safe and sterile environment for all our patients.

With health and safety as our highest priority, we adhere strictly to the Australian Dental Association’s Infection control protocol in all aspects of our practice and meet all of Australian Standards on dental hygiene compliances and guidelines.

We ensure all our instruments during treatment are either single use and disposed of accordingly, otherwise effectively sterilized before and after use.

By following the stern methods Spring Orchid Dental endorses, we are able to efficiently avoid the spread of infections and diseases.

Our infection control starts with the design and execution of every minute detail in the practice from the ceiling to the floor.




After each patient’s treatment, all of our used instruments go through a thorough antibacterial hot wash, hand scrubbed, and ultrasonically cleansed before they are placed into our state of the art autoclaves where they are sterilized under high temperature and pressure before they are ready for our shield wrapping process.

Shield wrapping of all equipment from the autoclaves allows instant protection of these instruments from potential infection throughout their handling or storage.

All instruments that are not disposable are placed in an “Autoclave” steriliser, the same high temperature pressure steriliser used in hospitals, killing all viruses and bacteria that could otherwise be spread.



For steri-tracking, a barcode is attached to every protection bag of our instruments, each corresponds to a successful sterilisation cycle according to the parameters from the autoclave of where they were sterilised and has met the strictest Australian sterilisation standard.

This barcode is scanned into our database to register and identify each individual instrument.

Only before any procedure during your treatment that the shield wrapping be scanned into our database register and unwrapped to identify the time they were finally unwrapped and for which patients they were used on.
All protocols are only as effective as the people who practice them, as such all our staff are well trained and accredited with step by step manuals, our ethos is to protect our patient’s safety and wellbeing above all.


Enhanced Automated protection. Reliable hygiene.

1. Prevent cross-contamination.
To prevent contaminated water from being drawn back into a typical dental treatment unit, all instruments and motors in our chairs have an intelligent, reflux prevention systems. These systems reliably protect the entire water supply and hence you, our patient.

2. Rinsing program according to RKI guidelines.
The Robert Koch Institute has specified the standards that a dental treatment centre must meet, to reliably prevent the spread of infection. The automated rinsing program of our treatment unit meets, or exceeds these standards before starting work and after each patient. The water block meets DVGW requirements. The free water inlet of our dental treament units prevents contaminated reflux into the practice water supply system. our dental treatment centre thereby also meets the stringent requirements of the German association „ Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e. V. (DVGW)“.

Time savings in hygiene – main features and advantages for you:

    • State-of-the-art hygiene standards (according to RKI)
      Automatic hygiene functions to save time
    • HYDROclean function to prevent coagulation of protein in the internal suction lines
    • Optional, permanent and intensive disinfection for continuous reduction of algae and other micro-organisms
    • Removable parts for faster and improved hygiene
      Safety for dentist, assistants and patients

Our dental clinical safety

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