Dental Health Services DHS

We provide Dental Treatment for Eligible Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card holders

Although we are a private dental practice, we also serve patients with Health Care Cards or Pensioner Concession Card referred to us by the Department of Health Services (DHS)

To qualify for DHS

To qualify as a DHS patient, you need to have a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, you can register at a DHS centre and apply for treatment as a government patient. (Please note that the closest DHS clinic to us in Bassendean is at 3 Eveline Rd, Middleswan, you can also call them to inquire on 9274 0099).

As a government patient, DHS subsidies you either 50% or 75% of your total treatment fees depending on the items they have allowed for in your treatment, in which there is a remaining 25% – 50% out of pocket gap to be covered by you as the patient.

Dental Services by DHS

Examples of Dental Services by DHS which we can assist you with include  Emergencies and General Dental Service

Dental Emergency

A Dental Emergency Could Be

  • facial swelling
  • bleeding (trauma affecting your mouth)
  • an accident involving damage to your mouth or teeth.
  • dental pain (e.g. in teeth, mouth, gum, jaw)
  • lost filling
  • broken denture

General Dental Service

What Care Is Provided?

The service includes routine dental examinations or check-ups, oral health advice, scale and cleaning, extractions, fillings, X-rays, fissure sealants and root canal treatments. Specialist dental services such as oral surgery and orthodontics are not provided and patients are referred for these services.

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