Sedation Dentistry

Are you scared of dental pain and does that make you nervous?

The dental fear is quite a common phenomenon. This Dental Phobia is evident that many people suffer from dental fear or anxiety.

We regularly hear from new patients “I am scared of the dentist.” These are those anxious patients who have had bad experiences in past.

We acknowledge that past experiences play a significant role in dental phobias but Dentistry has evolved over the years, and it’s much more comfortable now.

The effect of dental anxiety

Dental Anxiety is one of the reason most of the people delay their first dentist appointment, and most of the people become embarrassed or anxious about neglected or ignored dental hygiene over a period.

Please do not restrain yourself from dental treatments or regular check-ups due to fear.

You can talk to our well trained professional team freely.
We are here to listen, care and implicate as per you needs.
We take pride in keeping your information confidential.

What is the Spring Orchid difference?

At Spring Orchid Dental we believe in gentle dental care and we are here to help find a solution to resolve that ingrained dental fear in your mind from your past experiences. With sedation dentistry, you can feel the experience of pain-free dentistry.

During your first appointment we’ll start by simply listening to your concerns, allowing you to talk us through your previous treatment, experiences and concerns. Your Dentist can then discuss and identify your main fears related to dentistry and then implement strategies to overcome and manage your anxiety and in severe cases, dental phobia.


The Dental Anaesthesia for Sedation Dentistry is “Improved techniques to ease the discomfort and achieve successful dental anaesthesia”.

Inhale sedation dentistry

Inhalation sedation: Happy Gas is here to make you smile about dental treatment!
Also known as nitrous oxide helps in alleviate anxiety and pain.
Assist in increasing comfortability in the dental chair.Bottom of Form

Nitrous oxide sedation for dental anxiety
Taking the fear out of dentistry

Nitrous Oxide is available at Spring Orchid Dental and is very effective in alleviating patient anxiety. It is a gas that is inhaled before and during dental procedures to reduce pain and induce a happy euphoric feeling. It eases patients’ apprehension and makes dental treatment a more comfortable and pleasant experience. Patients will often feel a bit light headed and may “get the giggles” (hence the name happy/laughing gas). It is safe to use for both adults and children.

Can I drive after using nitrous oxide (happy gas)?
It is safe to drive after using nitrous oxide. Your happy gas will be gradually reduced at the end of your apppointment, and then you can relax in one of our patients lounges for 10 mins prior to leaving.

Oral sedation dentistry

For severe Dental phobias prescription relaxation medication can be arranged. With liaison with your GP, our dental team can prescribe some oral sedation to you so that you are relaxed and calm at the time of your dental appointment.

Other options

There are several other anxiety management techniques available at Spring Orchid Dental that can be used instead of, or in conjunction with Happy Gas.

How can we help?
• Calm and comfortable environment.
• Relaxing, serene environment.
• Soothing Music – You are welcome to bring your music collection to use while we provide the treatment.
• Friendly First visit for kids.
• Information primarily compiled for people with dental phobias or anxiety with various options.

We offer stress balls to hold in your hand to squeeze and manipulate during dental treatment. Staff members are also available for “hand holding” and will comfort you with soothing reassuring words during your appointment. If you would like to listen to music during your appointment we have a vast collection of music available on our iPod Touches for you to select and listen to with headphones.

Spring Orchid Dental Dentists, Hygienists and Staff will never make you feel like your dental fears, anxieties or phobias are an inconvenience to us. It is our goal to take the fear out of dentistry.