Children Dentistry

Making a visit to the dentist fun and establishing good habits for life.

Children are very welcome at Spring Orchid Dental. From our highly experienced children’s dentist and hygienists that put your child at ease, to our DVDs, iPads, party bags and toys that make your child look forward to a trip to the dentist! Spring Orchid Dental prides itself in developing life long relationships with our patients, starting from infancy. We firmly believe in building lasting relationships with our patients and their families. We’ve got a great team of children’s dentists, hygienists and staff that make visiting the dentist fun!

Children Dentistry is a very essential aspect of early age prevention of any decay in children teeth, it’s important to keep kids educated about their oral health.

When should I first bring my child to the dentist?

We recommend you bring your child with you from an early age, preferably when their first tooth starts to appear. This can be done when attending your regular appointments. This way your child becomes accustomed to coming to the dentist and becomes familiar with the surrounding environment.

When they’re old enough they will have a ride in the chair, have their teeth counted and eventually have an comprehensive examination and their teeth cleaned. The age with which your child will be comfortable doing this is very individual.

As they get older our hygienists are experts at teaching your child how to look after his/her teeth and will help to establish good habits for life.

How do I get my child to brush?

Our dentist and hygienists will be able to assist you with tips and tricks to assist you to clean your child’s teeth and as they get older, develop the right habits to clean their teeth themselves. Different children respond to different tactics so you may need to experiment. There are a number of smartphone apps available that may assist in making brushing fun.

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