Pain relief during a dental emergency

For pain relief during a dental emergency in case you cannot reach our dental clinic straight away, try out these easy home remedies to alleviate some discomfort prior to your appointment.

Your situation may vary and the below is not to be considered medical advice. Depending on how severe your jaw, oral or dental pain is you may need to see a dentist immediately.

Do you suffer from a broken filling, a sports accident that requires a dental procedure urgently? If your affected tooth is related to a crown, bridges or dentures then contact us now.

Gargle salt water

Salt water helps remove bacteria from your mouth area and may lessen swelling. Insert involving a quarter and half of a teaspoon of salt to warm water and gurgle for five or more seconds. Be careful not to swallow water.

Have a painkiller

Dental pain relief medicine like aspirin can alleviate the pain when it is deflecting or you are finding it tough to sleep. Painkillers should just be consumed rather than applied directly to the teeth, since the acidity may burn off gum tissue.

Apply ice to the damaged tooth

Put a cold compress or ice pack from the cheek to help alleviate the pain. Do not apply ice directly to your tooth, as toothaches frequently cause increased sensitivity to temperature.

These home remedies offer you rapid relief from toothaches however, the result is just momentary. To eliminate the pain permanently, your dentist should see to the cause, not the symptom.