A Great Dental Visit Experience

We understand how uneasy some patients can feel about their dental visits and we know that we can make a difference by providing a relaxing and positive experience.

Many of our new patients find their first appointment at Spring Orchid Dental to be very different to other dental experiences.

From the time you enter our comfortable and inviting waiting room, it is our goal to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Our modern facilities include all the convenient amenities for your convenience:



If you haven’t updated your medical and dental history with us, we will invite you to complete your medical and dental history eForm in the comfort of our patient lounge. We will be present to provide assistance to any query you may have in the filling of your eForm.

You can use our comfortable waiting lounge with free wifi to connect to the internet if you wish to be online during the visit.

You can also enjoy our vaiousTV programs, some music, a newspaper or the latest magazines catering for a range of interests with a great cup of complimentary tea or coffee specially prepared by us.



Our state of the art treatment, sterilization and OPG facilities are meticulously designed and built to Australian Standard for your comfort and convenience.

As you are invited into one of our treatment rooms for your consultation, one of our main goals is to make our patients feel more at ease and comfortable during dental treatment.

At Spring Orchid Dental, you get to experience dental treatment units with technologies that work flawlessly, reliable and produce convincing results with a well-thought-out,utomated hygiene system, ergonomic features for the dentist, assistant and patient.


The first thing you will experience with our technologically advanced treatment units are the comfy chairs. As a comfortable dental chair helps to calm and relax you. Day after day, patients experience just how relaxing a visit to us can be with our Kavo chair and treatment units. This is afforded by the ergonomic seat recess in the patient’s chair and the integrated lumbar support.


Optimal continuous adjustment for all positions. Plenty of freedom for the knees and exact adaptation to the back of the head, for children and patients with a curved spine.


Adjustment of the dental chair to the patient’s height and indication permits very convenient, individual positioning of the patient: No stretching effect, no compression of the stomach muscles, full lumbar support.

For treating children, the seat can be easily moved into a flat lying position thanks to the patient seat elevation.

3.4 Safer for Children or If You Have a Back Pain

The chair may comfortably accommodate children or patients with back problems, simply by employing the unique, integrated seat-height adjuster, since comfortable patients naturally move less. This makes it easier for both the dentist and assistant to concentrate on their work. Safety and efficiency are therefore enhanced.

– Enhanced sitting comfort thanks to the soft upholstery with an ergonomically shaped seat recess and integrated lumbar support

– Whether child or adult, the unique seat adjustments allow every patient to lie in relaxed comfort in every treatment situation.