Gum Care

Gum care is very essential for your better oral health.

Gums are the foundation of teeth along with bone. Healthy Gums are essential for healthy teeth for life.
Gum disease affects most people at some stage in their life. it can be detrimental for your teeth.
The two stages of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontists.


  • Poor Oral hygiene
  • Crooked teeth
  • Dentures
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes
  • Gum diseases
  • Dry Mouth
  • Abscess
  • Soft tissue Infections
  • Some medications

Family History

Gum Disease have family link as well so if any of your family members have gum disease or lost their teeth at early age you may be at risk too. Get your gums and teeth assessed to prevent or early intervention of gum diseases.

Medical Link: researches have shown that people suffering from some medical conditions are more prone to Gum disease.

Diabetes is one of main culprit. However if your Diabetes under control, oral hygiene is good and you are having regular checkups and professional clean you are at reduced risk.


Swollen, Bleeding gums, pain on chewing or brushing, Hot and cold sensitivity, loose teeth, Bad breath.
Bad Breath: can be embarrassing. Most of the people suffering from bad breath are not aware of their conditions. It can be a really good indicator of underlying Gum disease.

Careful and regular check up and cleaning can help prevent gum disease.
Getting treatment early can help save teeth that are at risk from gum disease and other problems.
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