Fissure Sealant

Fissure sealant is to protect our natural teeth from decay. Our natural teeth have grooves and fissures on biting surfaces. Decay can start in these deep grooves.
Tooth brush bristles do not reach the deepest part of pits and fissures. This can lead to tooth decay. Children and adolescent are most vulnerable. A pit and fissure is more likely to decay compared to other tooth surfaces.

Prevention is better than cure so protecting teeth with sealant prevents tooth decay in future. Fissure sealant fills deeper fissure and grooves making them less vulnerable to decay and creating physical barrier to stop food and bacteria from reaching the most vulnerable parts of your tooth.
Fissure sealant procedure is noninvasive, easy, comfortable and pain free.
Regular 6 month checkups ensure ongoing maintenance and vigilance on loss of fissure sealant and decay. A lost sealant can be easily replaced.

Please contact us to book a consult and discuss more about fissure sealant to make sure your little ones teeth are protected against tooth decay.