In Office Whitening

Whitening is performed in dental chair, where comparatively higher concentration bleaching gel is carefully used in safe environment and under trained eyes and process is sped up by using heat and specific light source. Whitening procedure time is 60-90 minutes depending on individual requirements.
With this procedure you get Brighter and whiter shade in shorter time.

The drawbacks of instant teeth whitening systems such as in chair Intensive Light Treatments above are that they may make the teeth look whiter for a week or two, and then the teeth will go back to a darker shade. In short, the results are short term and you would need to keep going back to keep up your whitening look. These systems create some sensitivity in certain patients teeth during the procedure.

You may find whitening at home more convenient. But it can take two to four weeks or longer depending on the strength of peroxide used. In-office whitening can take place in one or more 1- to 2-hour visits.

Root-treated teeth whitening 
For root treated teeth, internal tooth whitening can give a brand new smile within just a couple of visits.

Whitening Services
This method is most suitable on occasions where you need to have the whitest and brightest smile. We can help you in making your perfect wedding day even whiter and brighter with our special packaged teeth Whitening services for Bride, Grooms and family members.

Yes: Grooms too. A Smile is an important aspect of everyone’s persona and confidence.