Happy Singles Rewards

Your Health is number one!

Effective well-being offers significant benefits for one’s self confidence and health, through our Happy Singles Rewards, Spring Orchid Dental offers singles a reduction in the total cost of dental treatment, resulting in a range of benefits for young singles.

We invite you to join our Family Dental Rewards by contacting one of our front office coordinators.

Benefits for a Healthier You

For your Health

  • Stronger teeth and gums
  • Avoid future dental issues from arising
  • Proper oral hygiene helps reduce bad breath

For your Self Confidence

  • A beautiful smile can improve one’s:
  • Sense of well being and vitality
  • Encourage positive lifestyle and quality of life

Reasons to Join Our Happy Singles Rewards

We all need to look after our teeth, but it can be expensive and time consuming! Join our Happy Singles Rewards to save 10% on any gap not fully covered by your health insurance or on our standard fees for non-insured patients. This applies to all service items for your visits with us.

Spring Orchid Dental provides top quality dental care tailored for busy singles:

  • Extended appointment hours
  • WiFi access
  • Easy bookings & smart reminders
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Free parking
  • Gentle and caring dentists and staff
  • No lock in contracts

In order to take up this exclusive benefit:

  • Contact our friendly staff to schedule an appointment. Please mention your interest in this special when making your appointment to see if you are eligible for these rewards
  • In quoting for your treatment, the discount will be applied. You will only need to make payment towards the remainder of the quoted treatment cost.

Terms and Conditions

  • Patients are responsible for any outstanding payments at the end of their appointments.
  • Discount is not received until patient has registered and has booked an appointment