Cosmetic bonding is a wonderful treatment for minor procedures if your teeth are chipped, broken, stained, or cracked, bonding may improve how your teeth look if they have excess space between them.

Our dentists can literally coat the teeth with special materials that allow us to smooth out rough surfaces, change colours, correct chipped teeth, alter contours, replace discoloured fillings or close spaces.

The dentist can usually do this procedure in a single office visit by applying an etching solution followed by tooth-coloured materials, sometimes composite resins, directly to the tooth’s surface where needed. We also use bonding materials to fill small cavities or to protect the exposed root of a tooth.

Although the materials used for cosmetic bonding are stronger and last longer than ever before, and bonding can last for several years, it is more likely than other types of restorations to chip or become stained or just wear down.


A painless procedure that helps to straighten crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth, often in combination with bonding or veneers.